Azulene Care Facial Oil

Azulene Care Facial Oil

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What is it: This product contains natural activated ingredient which can smooth the skin it can also  keep you skin soft and healthy.

What else you need to know: Azulene oil is a top quality, all natural after waxing care oil. The unique colour blue is from a compound called Azulene, this is mostly found within the essential oil of plants from the Asteraceae family (i.e. Chamomile).

Size: 50ml 

Skin Type: All skin type ( included Acne skin ) 

Skincare Effect: Intense  hydration,  Calming , soothing , Repair skin barrier.

Suggest use: Use everyday  day & night  after face cleansing , toner

                      mix 2-3 drops with serum  gently massage on face and neck.