PHYT'S  Skin Hygiene Treatment - Naturoderm

PHYT'S Skin Hygiene Treatment - Naturoderm

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PHYT'S Skin Hygiene Treatment


Suitable: All skin types
Expectation: Targets, purifies
Volume: 30 ml spray bottle

A genuine local treatment, this Organic concentrate of plant extracts and essential oils targets, purifies and cleanses specific zones.

Ingredients: Centella Asiatica*, Lavender*, Sage*, St John’s Wort*, Clove*, Lemon*, Wild Marjoram*, Geranium*, Mallow*, Misteltoe*, Black Currant*, Restharrow*, Youth Wort

*Ingredients from Organic Farming

Application: Morning and evening, use locally, pure or diluted, according to body parts and/or face. Repeat during the day if necessary.